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Our services specialise in digital mileage correction and Speedo recalibration in Northwest

Our Prices start from £30.00 for Mileage Correction, Digital Speedometer Repairs, Dash Repairs, Mileage Adjustment it is totally dependant on the vehicle, in an ever changing environment it is impossible to display ALL prices of ALL vehicles

Covering , Northwest , M62, Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Blackburn, Burnley and North West Wales, and More Call to Day Reverse-it services is an established company based in Northwest with over 10 years of experience in the field. We specialise in Odometer Recalibration, speedometer adjustment, Digital, Motorbike, Vehicle Diagnostics, service light reset, and Speedo recalibration on all vehicle dashboards, Cars, Van, motorcycle, and Truck .

We have the best Mileage Correction tools & Software on the market Diagprog DP3 speedometer programmer & smelecom vag prog, Data Specialist Plus 3+ programmer Enigma Tool To do professional discreet mobile service..

We offer a fast, reliable and professional mobile service throughout the Northwest and as far North Wales . Our aim is to carry out work to full customer satisfaction, all our work is guaranteed and we use the latest diagnostic under bonnet technology. And can repair any dash issue digital odometer recalibration, service light resetting we work from fixed premises and our work is guaranteed

For an instant quote call us today on: 07540173263

There are many reasons why you might require your mileage corrected, for example, if:
  • The battery was jump started and that caused the mileage to be displayed incorrectly or show 999999 or ——
  • The Odometer may have been damaged in an crash/collision or water damage
  • New engine has been fitted to the vehicle
  • The dashboard may have developed an electrical faults
  • You  had a replace Or new odometer which is displaying an incorrect mileage reading
WHAT IS MILEAGE CORRECTION? Mileage correction becomes necessary when the electronic mileage display (either LCD or LED) shows a mileage which you know to be incorrect. That’s where we can help by electronically correcting the dashboard to show what you verify to us as being the correct mileage. LEGAL? Adjusting a vehicles digital milometer / odometer is not illegal. It only becomes illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without disclosing the correction in the mileage reading. WHAT IS RECALIBRATION? If you have a car that has been imported we can change the mileage from KM to Miles. The equipment we use also knocks off the delimiter. So for instance if your mileage is reading 85000 in Kilometres we will change it to read: 52831 Miles, so everything corresponds on your dashboard Alfa Romeo-mileage-correction Aprilla-mileage-correction Aston Martin-mileage-correction Audi-mileage-correction Bentley-mileage-correction BMW-mileage-correction Chrysler-mileage-correction Citroen-mileage-correction Daewoo-mileage-correction Daihatsu-mileage-correction Dodge-mileage-correction Ducati-mileage-correction Ferrari-mileage-correction Fiat-mileage-correction Ford-mileage-correction Harley Davidson-mileage-correction Honda-mileage-correction Hyundai-mileage-correction Isuzu-mileage-correction Jaguar-mileage-correction Kawasaki-mileage-correction Kia-mileage-correction KTM-mileage-correction Lamborghini-mileage-correction Lancia-mileage-correction Land-Rover-mileage-correction Lotus-mileage-correction Range-Rover-mileage-correction Lexus-mileage-correction MAN-mileage-correction Maserati-mileage-correction Mercedes-Benz-mileage-correction Mini-mileage-correction Mitsubishi-mileage-correction Motorcycle-mileage-correction Nissan-mileage-correction Peugeot-mileage-correction Porsche-mileage-correction Renault-mileage-correction Smart-Car-mileage-correction Seat-mileage-correction Skoda-mileage-correction Subaru-mileage-correction Suzuki-mileage-correction Toyota-mileage-correction Truck-mileage-correction Van-mileage-correction Volvo-mileage-correction VolksWagen-VW-mileage-correction Vauxhall-Opel-mileage-correction Yamaha-mileage-correction    

Contact Info

  • sales@reverse-it.co.uk
  • Call to day for a free quote
  • 8am to 8pm 7 Days a weeks
  • Tel: 07540173263

Specialists In Digital Mileage Correction

  • Here at Mileage Correction Services, we provide mileage correction services to Blackburn motorists.
  • No1 mobile service specialising in Mileage Correction and Digital Mileage Correction covering North West England, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackburn.

Why us?

  • With over 10 years of experience
  • ('TSS'), to raise levels of compliance with consumer protection

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